Central Ohio Youth Baseball League

Coaches Against MM - Cancellation refund



We are working with the City of Columbus to schedule the MM tournament later this summer.

If you wish to wait to see if the new dates will work for your team, please select the no refund option at this time. If the dates do not work for you, you can still change your entry later to request a refund.



This session will allow you to request a refund for the cancellation of the Coaches Against MM Tournament due to the Covid 19 outbreak.


We are going to ask you to choose between a couple of options for refunds. Keep in mind, this is for charity and does not go into anyone's pocket other than The Ohio State University – James Cancer Hospital for cancer research when making your selection.


Never in any of our minds could we imagine that this would all happen and cause us to not be able to hold the event.


Thank you and stay safe